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2011 Releases


The Bachelor Ranger

A 2011 Romantic Times Best Harlequin American Romance Nominee

January 2011  –  Harlequin American Romance

It’s déjà vu all over again when a teen volunteer project brings Alex Harcourt back to Yosemite. Cal Hollis is still the same hunky park ranger she kissed fourteen months ago—the man who always made her feel safe and protected. Now, with his fierce dedication to his job and his bear dog at his side, he’s even more irresistible. But Alex can’t fall for him again…especially once she learns his tragic secret.

The kiss should never have happened—not with this woman and not on his watch. But Cal was already half in love with Alex, and second chances don’t come around that often. They have to work together to catch the ruthless poachers out to destroy Yosemite’s semite’s wildlife, and Cal’s mind is made up. He’ll move beyond the past…and hopefully catch Alex in the process!


The Nanny and the CEO

February 2011  —  Harlequin Romance

CEO Nick Wainwright can handle billion-dollar business deals with his eyes closed, but a baby? Nick needs help – a nanny for his precious son, and fast! Nick never mixes business with pleasure, but when delectable Reese Chamberlain enters his Park Avenue apartment, everything changes..

Reese is thrilled to be offered the job looking after Jamie, but the little one’s handsome daddy steals her heart, as well. Her career used to be everything, but now a life as Nick’s bride, with baby Jamie, is sounding more and more like heaven.


Her Desert Prince

May 2011  —  Harlequin Romance

Visiting the beautiful Nafud desert is a chance for Lauren Viret to lay her grandmother’s spirit and secrets to rest. But caught up in a sandstorm, Lauren is rescued by a handsome stranger….

Prince Rashad believes the stunning American he saved is hiding something—he must keep her close! What he doesn’t expect is to fall under Lauren’s captivating spell…. Yet as the enchanting nights in Arabia reveal the truth, could a future for Lauren and her prince ever be more than just a mirage?


And Baby Makes Three

June 2011  —  Harlequin Romance

Adopted Baby, Convenient Wife by Rebecca Winters

Catherine Arnold will do anything to keep precious baby Bonnie in her life– even marry the little girl’s gorgeous, rugged uncle, Cole Farraday.  As their union grows near, Catherine is almost breathless with nerves and secret excitement!

Playboy’s Surprise Son by Lucy Gordon

Five years ago, racing star Jared held Kaye in his arms, only to leave after discovering how innocent she was. But their one night had lasting consequences.  Now an older, wiser Jared will discover that the child he longs for exists, and the mother is the one woman he’s never forgotten!


October — 2011

Wounded Lucca Cavezzali comes home to Amalfi to find a beautiful woman in his bed.


Raoul Broussard has come to Colorado to take the woman he loves back to the French Alps of Chamonix.


A 2011 Romantic Times Best Harlequin American Romance Nominee

A woman’s husband has been missing for five years. She’s a person of interest to the police. Caige Dawson goes undercover to find him, dead or alive, and soon discovers himself in love with her. But there will never be a Christmas for him until this case is solved.


Click Here to download a pdf version of this unpublished romantic suspense novel written in the context of the Mormon faith by Rebecca Winters.




An April 2010 Mother’s Day Release from Harlequin American


Two novellas in one book featuring authors Rebecca Winters and Dominique Burton who are the first Mother and Daughter in real-life to write for Harlequin American.

Rebecca Winters received two nominations for best Harlequin American of 2010, THE CHIEF RANGER & THE RANGER’S SECRET  by Romantic Times.

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Rebecca’s Back List:
  • Cinderella On His Doorstep
  • Royal Engagements:
    A Royal Bride Of Convenience
  • Having The Frenchman’s Baby
  • A Mother’s Wedding Day
  • Walker: The Rodeo Legend
  • Miracle For The Girl Next Door
  • Strangers When We Meet
  • Doorstep Twins
  • Accidentally Pregnant
  • Santa In A Stetson
  • A Daddy For Christmas
  • A Man For All Time
  • A Prince For Christmas
  • Accidentally Yours
  • Adopted Baby, Convenient Wife
  • All In a Day
  • Along Came a Daughter
  • Another Man’s Wife
  • Baby in a Million
  • Beneath a Texas Sky
  • Blackie’s Woman
  • Blind to Love
  • Both of Them
  • Bride by Day
  • Bride Fit for a Prince
  • Bride of Montefalco
  • Bride of My Heart
  • By Love Divided
    Christmas Proposals
  • Claiming His Baby
  • Crazy About Her Spanish Boss
  • Christmas Dreams
  • Deborah’s Son
  • Father by Choice
  • For Better, For Worse
  • Fully Involved
  • Having the Frenchman’s Baby
  • Hero on the Loose
  • His Very Own Baby
  • Home to Copper Mountain
  • Husband By Request
  • Husband for a Year
  • Husband Potential
  • If He Could See me Now
  • Kit and the Cowboy
  • Italian Groom, Princess Bride
  • Laura’s Baby
  • Manhattan Merger
  • Matrimony With his Majesty
  • Meant for Each Other
  • Meant to be Marriage
  • My Private Detective
  • No Wife Required
  • Not Without My Child
  • Rafael’s Convenient Proposal
  • Return to Sender
  • Rites of Love
  • Rush to the Altar
  • Second-best Wife
  • Sarah’s First Christmas
  • She’s my Mom
  • Somebody’s Daughter
  • Strangers When We Meet
  • The Baby Business
  • The Baby Dilemma
  • The Baby Discovery
  • The Baby Proposal
  • The Badlands Bride
  • The Billionaire and the Baby
  • The Bridegroom’s Vow
  • The Bridesmaid’s Proposal
  • The Brooding Frenchman’s Proposal
  • The Chief Ranger
  • The Daughter’s Return
  • The Duke’s Baby
  • The Faithful Bride
  • The Family Way
  • The Forbidden Marriage
  • The Frenchman’s Bride
  • The Greek’s Long Lost Son
  • The Lazaridis Marriage
  • The Loving Season
  • The Luchessi Bride
  • The Italian Tycoon and the Nanny
  • The Italian Playboy’s Secret Son
  • The Marriage Bracelet
  • The Mermaid Wife
  • The Nutcracker Prince
  • The Prince’s Choice
  • The Rancher and the Redhead
  • The Ranger’s Secret
  • The Rescued Heart
  • The Royal Marriage Arrangement
  • The Story Princess
  • The Toddler’s Tale
  • The Tycoon’s Christmas Proposal
  • The Tycoon’s Proposition
  • The Tycoon’s Christmas Engagement
  • The Unknown Sister
    The Vow
  • The Wrong Twin
  • Their New-Found Family
  • Three Little Miracles
  • To Be a Mother
  • To Catch a Groom
  • To Love Again
  • To Marry for Duty
  • To Win His Love
  • Undercover Baby
  • Undercover Bachelor
  • Undercover Fiance
  • Undercover Husband
  • Until There was You
  • Woman in Hiding



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